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    15 products

    Picnic in the park, sundowner with friends or the last vacation - we only associate sandals with beautiful memories, after all, no summer goes by without falling in love with a new favorite pair. Who does not know the wonderful feeling when the cold months are finally over and you leave the house for the first time in the morning in airy sandals? Strappy sandals, Roman sandals, wedge sandals ... They come in all variants, we aim high this year and have therefore decided on several feminine models - of course, all variants as sandals in large sizes. Strappy sandals in particular perfectly match our motto “Feminine beyond sizes” - hardly any other shoe underlines femininity so much. Our sandals in different colors flatter the legs and round off any summer dress or skirt outfit perfectly. 
    If you want to give the look even more extravagance, you can turn to Kaia. Our high heel sandal is a top-class accessory, a highlight for every look with an absolute trend detail: the block heel. Block heels make us tall and our walk graceful, but they are also incredibly comfortable thanks to the larger heel area. Trendy and comfortable - that makes our Kaia the perfect companion for the whole day. From the office to after-work drinks, you can rely on block heels. So if you don't feel like wearing your classic, black pumps anymore, slip into our Kaias and nothing stands in the way of a big entrance!
    At Miyana, we rely on timeless designs and high-quality materials to offer shoes that will be companions for years. It is our aim to make the production and supply chain completely transparent. All shoes are made exclusively by our producer in Marche, Italy. Marche is known for its fine and luxurious shoe manufacturers and for the dedication to artisanal shoemaking for over a century. Our shoemakers do their job with the greatest care, which leads to high quality results.