Handmade In Italy - Our Production

With today's blog article we want to take you on a production journey. All of our shoes are designed in Berlin and handcrafted in Italy. We pay attention to high quality materials and fair working conditions, which also result in our price segment. We have a friendly relationship with our traditional producer. He dedicates himself to his passion and has been making shoes by hand in his factory for over 50 years. The production site is located in Marche, central-western Italy. Marche has always been known for the finest shoe manufacturers and combines traditional craftsmanship with modern trends. It is a long process from the first idea to the finished shoe. But see for yourself!

 1. Sketches & Design

Our founder Anna designed the first model two years ago in her Berlin apartment, the birth of Miyana Berlin. Even if we as a team - and you as a community - are now involved in the design process, the design is still mainly in her hands. Anna starts every season by scanning industry trends and feeling her way through hundreds of materials and colors. Finally, mood boards are created and potential colors and materials are assigned to the different shoe types. This is where we often come into play and get chased through the office by her ;-) with questions like “Should we make sandals out of this fancy royal blue? Or would you prefer high heels?”. As soon as a rough timetable is in place, Anna sketches the first shoes in different versions.
sketched miyana berlin

 2. Prototypes

After the sketches have been perfected, prototypes are created - the first version of a shoe. This is about specifying details: inner and outer sole, heel height and width, logo placement and of course the final design. After the prototype has gone through several rounds of correction, it serves as the basis for creating samples.
production miyana berlin

 3. Samples

The day on which the samples of a new collection from Italy arrive, is kind of like the feeling of Christmas for us. In the Miyana office, great excitement breaks out when we hold the final, haptic design of a shoe in our hands for the first time. We assess one last time whether the model, color and material are consistent with one another. After that, we choose the different colors. Since the pre-planning often takes months, it's incredibly exciting. We then use the final samples for photo shoots, product images on the website and social media.
Samplescolors choosing

 4. The finished collection

On the basis of the samples, we decide which model, in which color and size, will be available for you in the shop. So, the last step in the process is to place the final order with our producer. As soon as all the shoes have been produced and have arrived here in Berlin, we check every single shoe to make sure that the collection is flawless. Finally, the new designs get uploaded in the shop and the new Miyana styles will be sent to you with lots of love!
miyana finished productionfinished package ready to order