A Guide To Proper Shoe Care

We know how difficult it can be to find the right shoes. So, when you finally have a new pair of well-made, comfortable shoes, it is especially important to take care of them properly. Investing in durable, timeless pieces and taking proper care of them are key to building a quality wardrobe that is suitable for many occasions. 
The majority of high-quality shoes consists of various leather elements. Whatever leather it is, proper care is always equally important. Ideally, normal smooth leather shoes should be brushed briefly after each wear. In addition to the brush, you can use a mild soap or a saddle soap. However, there are a few exceptions when it comes to proper leather care, but see for yourself!

We love suede!

Suede is a high quality and very popular material. Although it is actually not as sensitive as it initially seems, the right care routine is essential for its good maintenance. In order to properly treat your suede shoes, a special care set is necessary. This should contain:
  1. A clean bristle brush suitable for suede shoes. The bristles should be soft and small. Be careful not to brush too hard when cleaning the shoes, as this can damage them.
  2. An eraser to carefully remove stains, because suede shoes should never be cleaned with a damp cloth. So, in the case of coarse dirt, use a brush and carefully rub out small stains.
  3. A suede spray to keep shoes shiny and clean. Important: Always spray from a good distance to ensure that the shoes are only “dusted” but not too wet.

All about patent leather!

It's no secret that the 80s and 90s have celebrated an ultimate comeback in the last three years - and with them all kinds of patent leather shoes! Anyone who owns a pair like this knows that keeping the shine on is half the battle. To keep the shine as long as possible, note the following:
  1. Due to the nature of the material, creases on the surface can hardly be avoided in the long term. In order to counteract the wrinkles as well as possible, be sure to use shoe trees after wearing them.
  2. Waterproof your shoes! As with any leather, it is important to impregnate the shoes well. Before wearing them for the first time and - importantly - after every rough cleaning, as other shoe care products could remove the spray.
  3. Never use a brush to remove fingerprints or other stains. This causes additional scratches to the sensitive material - a soft cotton cloth is better suited.

Storage is everything!

The best way to keep nasty dust off the shoes is to keep them in shoeboxes or closets. If shoes are particularly sensitive or old, a silk bag can be used for additional protection.

Visit your shoemaker!

A scratch or a broken heel does not mean the end of a pair of shoes. Since the search for beautiful shoes is often difficult and it is much more sustainable anyway, you should maximize the lifespan. Of course, the repair is also easier on the wallet than buying a new one. So off to the next good shoemaker, get your heels repaired and let’s go!
Lot's of love,
your Miyana Team

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