On this page, you will find some excerpts from our previous press mentions. We would like to thank all the editors who have supported our young label since it was founded!

Grazia Italia 02/2022

„Delicate sandals, high heels and elegant ankle boots: women with larger feet can often only dream of such selection of shoes. The majority of brands only produces sizes up to 41 and the only ones available on the market in larger sizes are sneakers. The Berlin based entrepreneur of 27 years Anna Nussbaum wants to change this situation with her shoe label Miyana.“

Grazia Italia Magazine Article about Miyana Berlin

Business Punk 01/2022

"My goal is that feminine shoes are available in every size, that the size no longer makes a difference," says Nussbaum, formulating her goal. Via her label Miyana Berlin she offers women's shoes in sizes 37 to 45 in the high-quality segment, with the label "Made in Italy".

Article about Miyana Berlin in the Magazin Business Punk

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Welt/Iconist 08/2021

"I would say that in the area of ​​shoe fashion we are exactly where the topic of plus-size fashion was ten years ago: something is slowly happening, many brands have at least already added size 42 to their repertoire in their online shops - but overall the topic is still strangely ashamed."

Miyana Berlin featured in Welt Iconist

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Vogue Italia 08/2021

Miyana Berlin featured in Vogue Italia

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Marie Claire Spain 06/2021

Miyana Berlin featured in Marie Claire Spain

Freundin 05/2021

We want to encourage women to celebrate their differences. In our shoes, they should walk confidently through the streets."
Die Freundin article about Miyana Berlin

FürSie 04/2021

The offer ranges from elegant pumps to cool booties and trendy mules. That's true greatness!” 
Für Sie Magazin article about Miyana Berlin

Glamour 01/2021

"We have a new label crush: Miyana makes shoe dreams come true and offers feminine designs for women with larger shoe sizes."

Glamour article about Miyana Berlin

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So Sue 12/2020

"With Miyana we would like to address women who want exclusive and feminine shoes but cannot get them in their size."
So Sue Article about Miyana Berlin

Viva Monaco 12/2020

“The start-up wants to help women with larger sizes to feel more feminine and self-confident and has the vision to finally replace the unhealthy and outdated ideal of beauty of small feet.”
viva monaco article about miyana berlin
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Deutsche Startups 11/2020

"One of the big issues was to find a suitable producer in Italy who even made shoes in a size 41 and larger for women."

Miyana Berlin Artikel in Deutsche Startups

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Start up Valley 11/2020

"Our vision at Miyana is that we can play a part in ensuring that women with larger shoe sizes are proud of their bodies and can love and express themselves as they are."
start up valley interview about miyana berlin