Timeless, Sustainable & Responsible Fashion

Sustainable fashion


The fashion industry has had a bad reputation for many years. The constant race for trends and a subsequent annual or seasonal change of wardrobe ensure that labels are producing more products in less time. Buying new clothes for each new season is not only quite expensive, but it also has serious consequences for our planet. Landfills overflow, oceans are polluted. These days, the fast fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters of our time. By making sustainable choices when buying clothes and shoes, we can help solve the problem.
At Miyana, we rely on timeless designs and high-quality materials to offer shoes that will be companions for years. In our opinion, the fashion industry has an obligation to protect the planet - and so do all fashion fans!


All the materials we use are processed in Italy and comply with the rules of origin for trade with the countries, which are within the EU agreement.
We only use leather certified by the Italian government. This means that the production process and the chemical products used are fully controlled and the traceability of all transformation steps is guaranteed. Not only do we want to make the origin of our materials transparent, we also value the transparency of further processing with chemicals, which are all compliant with the REACH chemicals laws.
In addition, we ensure that the hides are not from animals that are protected by the Washington Convention and have not been treated with e.g. whale oil. Furthermore, the item has not been dyed or finished with synthetic dyes and therefore complies with applicable regulations.
Of course, not only are our shoes manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, but also the packaging in which they are delivered. Our shoe and delivery boxes are made from recycled material. 


It is our aim to make the production and supply chain completely transparent. All shoes are made exclusively by our producer in Marche, Italy. Marche is known for its fine and luxurious shoe manufacturers and for the dedication to artisanal shoemaking for over a century.
We convinced ourselves on site of the fair working conditions and the best quality standards. Our shoemakers do their job with the greatest care, which leads to high quality results. We do not support exploitation or unethical work and the safety and fair treatment of our employees are our top priorities.