Feminine Beyond Sizes - All Sizes?

 The idea for Miyana Berlin has grown in our founder Anna over many years - years in which she herself had problems finding suitable shoes in her size 42/43. The desire to start her own fashion label offering high-quality, feminine shoes in larger sizes grew and grew until Anna took the plunge in 2019 and founded Miyana Berlin. A lot has happened since then: We grew as a team and developed a clear mission together: To offer feminine shoes to fashion-conscious women who want to develop their style regardless of their shoe size. We have launched two collections and provided many customers with fitting shoes. We have highlighted the problem of exclusionary size guides in the fashion industry in newspaper articles and through our own platforms. 
It is still our priority to include women with large sizes, but in order to break the beauty ideal for good, we no longer want to be a label only for larger sizes, but to include everyone: True to our motto "Feminine beyond Sizes". Unfortunately, we still can't meet all demands, but we have come a huge step closer to the inclusion of all shoe sizes. It is important to us not to be a label only for women with larger feet, because otherwise a form of exclusion would arise again. And that's exactly what we need to avoid in order to establish all sizes in the fashion industry in the long term. We rather always want to develop further and expand our community. So we are more than proud to offer our new Berlin collection for the first time in five additional sizes. The new Miyana Berlin power trio Ivy, Ava and Liv will also be available in 37, 38, 39, 40 and 45!!! We are looking forward to all new Miyana Girls who will soon be able to call a pair of our handmade shoes their own!
Ivy, Ava and Liv are the perfect companions for fall and winter (and actually even spring, at least in Germany!). With the combination of trendy buckle boots, chic high heels and classic boots we want to add three evergreens for cooler temperatures to every wardrobe.  Because we design in Berlin and black has clearly dominated the fashion scene here for several years, we dedicate the collection to our capital and oasis of inspiration & christen it: Berlin Collection. With this collection in your closet, you are guaranteed to have the right pair of shoes at hand for any occasion. The combination possibilities are as diverse as Berlin itself. Whether lunch in Mitte, dinner in Charlottenburg or going to a regular pub in Kreuzberg: With Ivy, Ava and Liv you are not only prepared for every occasion, but an eye-catcher guaranteed.

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