How To Find Feminine Shoes Despite Your Larger Shoe Size

Even though we encourage every woman out there to be comfortable with their shoe size and to embrace their uniqueness, we do get that having larger feet can be discomforting. Especially, when people comment on your feet: “You got some large feet there, young lady! Where do you even find shoes?”. But having bigger feet doesn’t mean you have to wear unfeminine shoes. Feminine and favorable shoes do exist in all sizes! Here are some tricks you should think about when buying shoes: 

Finding the right shape

Search for shapes, which frame the foot optimally and leave no unnecessary space. A round toe is most suitable. But squared shapes and wide-pointed toes can also make a large foot look feminine. You should be careful with narrow and long pointed shapes. Often, those shapes let your feet appear larger and they usually turn out too small for wide feet anyways.  

Choose the right design

In addition to the shape of the toe, the design is crucial. Here, straps are an important tool, because they have the ability to optically divide the foot. When wearing an open toe shoe, it is favorable to place the straps closer to the toe tip, thereby optically dividing the toes. Do not buy shoes, where the strap is exactly placed at the beginning of your toes so that your toes look even longer. In general, whether with open or closed toes, always choose a deep toe cutout. This visually shortens the toes and makes the shoe appear more delicate and feminine. 

Use colors and applications to your advantage

Shoes can be visually interrupted using different colors, which make them look more feminine. Pastel tones combined with dark colors or certain patterns, such as Leo, are particularly suitable. Be careful with colors that are lighter than your own skin color, as these visually enlarge the foot. Applications also help to visually interrupt the foot and make it more feminine. Larger buckles or bows on the toes and on the instep distract from the size of the shoe.   

Get your high heels on

The heel is another important tool to let the shoe appear more feminine. The higher the heel, the smaller the shoe looks. But please keep your hands-off plateau heels. Plateau heels tend to enlarge the foot. We know that many of you don’t want to wear high heels, because you are already tall. But we say, be proud of your height and embrace it. Tall is beautiful and everyone who says otherwise is just too small to understand. ;)   
We hope this article was helpful for you and always keep in mind that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  
Lots of love, 
Your Miyana Team

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