What I love about Miyana Berlin - by Ana Radulovic (Blogger)

by Ana Radulovic (Blog Colourful Madness)
Welcome to my new post!
Today, I have something really exciting prepared for you. I want to introduce you to a fashion brand called Miyana Berlin, which offers high quality, beautifully designed women's shoes in larger sizes 41 - 44. The company was founded in 2019 by Anna Nussbaum, you can read her story by clicking here.
People come in all shapes and sizes. Your clothing isn't supposed to make you feel bad because you can't fit into an "acceptable size", it is supposed to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel strong, sexy, empowered. We have been brainwashed by our society to think that only certain sizes are acceptable and that all else should be disregarded. That is simply not the case. It is time to stop dividing women into categories. No, you are not a "bigfoot" if you wear a larger size. You are a perfectly normal human being. Bigger sizes are just as beautiful as any other. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.
The company's main goal is to make women who wear big shoe sizes feel beautiful, powerful, and, most importantly, completely valid and appreciated in their skin. Every size is elegant and feminine. It's not the size that makes femininity, it's the confident and strong woman behind it. Let us bring the best in each other, that way, we can all shine.
Many women struggle to find shoes that fit them because there is a big lack of variety in many shopping malls and boutiques everywhere. Good shoes are hard to find even for someone who wears a size 38. Now, imagine what a struggle it is when many affordable fast fashion companies don't even bother to make some of their designs bigger than 40. That is twice as times more troublesome. 
Luckily, there are people who still think outside the box. Miyana Berlin shop has many large women shoes for sale. Even though it can be quite a challenge to find a large shoe size in your local fashion shops, at least we can all enjoy the comfort of some online shopping! And with the pandemic going on, it is also the safer option. Let me show you some of my personal favourites from the shop.


Imani - exclusive summer flats

Imani Flats in beige in big shoe sizes for women
These shoes are made of high-quality leather which guarantees a long-lasting and positive experience! The ones I have shown here are beige, but you can find these cute flats in colour green as well. A cute little detail is a squared open toe which elevates the whole shoe, making it cute and fancy! These shoes are amazing for long summer walks by the sea, or for sightseeing in an unknown city. A pair of flats like these is a staple piece of your chic summer wardrobe. They go perfectly well with a pair of light material trousers as well as a beautiful sundress. And most importantly, a pair like this is so timeless you can wear it
for many years.


Kaia - ready for a party

Kaia sandal in silver in big shoe sizes for women
These shoes are made of laminato leather which makes it shiny and illuminating. The ones on the picture are silver, but for those of you who prefer warmer tones, gold is also an option! The height of the heel is 11cm.
The strap is asymmetric, giving the shoes a luxuriously elegant look. The tip is a squared open toe and the heel is thick, so they seem rather steady. These shiny heels are perfect for a cocktail party with friends, late night outs, or a glamorous ball. For those of you who are more adventurous, dancing is also an option.


Sienna - suede ankle boots

Sienna Boots in beige
The materials used to make these shoes are leather and suede. Suede is an amazing material for autumn boots, and it is easy to clean (just make sure to use the right cleaner). These boots are in beige, but there is also a black opetion for those of you who prefer darker colours! The tip od the shoe is a chic squared closed toe. The heel is 6cm. Perfect for any outfit, not to mention really flattering! I love to wear these kinds of shoes with a cute trench coat. And, as many of you may already know, suede and faux-suede are my go-to!


Lilou - femininity and confidence

Lilou Pump in big shoe sizes for women
This shoe is fully made out of high-quality leather, making it look really sophisticated and luxurious. These pumps can be found in black. The tip of the shoe is a squared closed-toe, which elevates the professional look even more. They can also be worn with more fun clothing, but I think they are a perfect
way to add charm to your business outfit. They radiate confidence and professionalism. Paired with a pair of flared trousers and a fancy blazer, they are bound to make some heads turn.
Seen something you like? There are some more designs to see and you can do that by clicking right here. There are a few more colours to choose from as well. The thing I love most about Miyana Berlin shoes is that they are completely timeless and elegant. They can be paired with so many things, which makes them perfect for those of you who would like to build a high-quality capsule wardrobe. I also really like the earthy tones these shoes have, it's really aesthetically pleasing, haha! Any shoe you pick can make an amazing
staple piece that will last you for a very long time.
As I always say- quality over quantity

- How are the shoes made? -

Another interesting thing about this brand is that all of their shoes are handmade with care! They are designed in Berlin and handmade in Marche, which is an Italian province well-known for its luxurious footwear manufacturing facilities.
I hope you found this post helpful!
Remember, no matter what size you wear, you can be as feminine and as chic as you want! It is all about what's inside of you, and choosing the right assets can help you bring out the best in yourself. Your shoes are your best friend throughout your entire life, so make sure you wear those that are true to you!
beautiful, elegant, fashionable, feminine, and... a bigger size!
Until next time, 

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