The Importance Of Comfortable And Fitting Shoes

Haaach, shoes! Hardly any other item of clothing has so many stereotypes related to the female gender: All women love shoes! Of course, this does not apply to everyone, but a trend towards women who love shoes can easily be seen on the market. Unfortunately, this is why we often buy shoes that we fall in love with in a flash and put away the fact that they don't actually fit as they should. Incidentally, this does not primarily mean the size, the fit also plays a major role in keeping our feet healthy. True to the motto “Beauty knows no pain”, many women regularly force themselves into uncomfortable shoes, which often leads to health problems. We want to change that!

Advantages of comfortable shoes

With comfortable, high-quality shoes, you invest in shoes that tend to last significantly longer. The list of benefits for the whole body is long: improving blood circulation, correcting poor posture and generally more desire for exercise, which of course is healthy anyway. More than 50% of the population recently reported having foot-related health problems, mainly caused by wearing uncomfortable footwear. Shoes that cause foot pain prevent us from walking healthy, causing discomfort in our hips and back. Choosing the right shoe size is crucial for good blood circulation, as wearing tight shoes leads to swelling of the feet and significantly worsens blood circulation. Well-fitting and comfortable shoes also prevent minor annoyances: toe pain, blistering, callus. Ultimately, it is the same with the feet as it is with the rest of the body: the healthier, the more productive! 

How to find fitting shoes 

Finding shoes that are comfortable and fitting can be quite a challenge, especially if you are not an average size shoe. In addition to choosing the right size, a wide toe shape is another important aspect of the right shoe. Pointed shoes are usually more uncomfortable and can cause blisters. Some pointed high heels can even cause bruises under the toenails due to the constant pressure on the toes, a clear warning sign. The most comfortable shoe shapes are round, almond-shaped and squared. 
Choosing the right material and a breathable fabric is also very important when buying shoes. Which material feels best varies from person to person. Insoles, especially custom-made, can also contribute to comfort and health and are a good compromise solution if you already have an uncomfortable pair but do not want to throw them away. Pad insoles are useful tools for shock absorption and support for the arch of the foot. Orthopedic insoles can help relieve pain and correct the arch of the foot. Shoe salespeople and orthopedic shoemakers provide good assistance in buying the right shoes and insoles.
If you still suffer from long-term foot pain, you should see an orthopedist. The health of the feet is more important than you might think and comfort should never have to forfeit compared to beauty!
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