Reasons Why You Should Love Your Bigger Feet

Being a woman with larger feet than average makes shoe shopping quite a challenge. Many women struggle to find elegant shoes in sizes 41 and over in local shops and shopping malls. We understand that sometimes it is hard to see the beauty in larger feet, especially if you are persistently being told that you can't wear feminine footwear or that you should keep your shoe size a secret. But don't lose hope just yet, ladies! Although mainstream shoe shopping is a real struggle, there are many benefits to having larger feet. 

You Have Better Balance

It is quite common for people with larger feet to be better dancers and athletes than people with smaller feet. Having longer feet is an advantage for many ballerinas because they enable them to develop a higher arch that helps them to stand on their tiptoes, as well as swimmers who manage to swim a bit faster thanks to their large feet. The reason behind it lies in movement shock absorption. Walking has an impact on our bodies, and feet are responsible for keeping balance and supporting the body weight. Meaning, the larger your feet are, the more firmly you stand your ground!

Online Shopping Has Your Back

Since mainstream shops don't always have a large variety of shoe sizes and models, online shopping is a great way to find comfortable shoes in many different designs. There are many benefits to online shoe shopping for women with larger feet. Many plus size shoes don't sell out as quickly as average-sized shoes would, that is why they are put on discounts more often. 

Feminine Shoes Look Good In All Sizes

Having larger feet doesn't mean that you can't dress ladylike and wear elegant footwear. Furthermore, many style icons had bigger feet than average. A perfect example is Audrey Hepburn. She was a size 41, and yet she still became an embodiment of modern elegance and sophistication widely known throughout the world. Everything she wore was mesmerizing, including her larger sized shoes. The key to pulling off elegant footwear despite being plus size is following a few simple steps we have shared here!

Feet Accessories Stand Out

Popular summer jewelry are toe rings and ankle foot bracelets. Every woman looks beautiful with accessories such as these, but they stand out way more on women with bigger sized feet. Dainty chains and chunky designs look equally stunning, and you have more freedom to layer them as you see fit.

You Don't Have To Share Your Shoes

If you are a girl that wears plus size, chances are not many of your girlfriends share that characteristic. At first, not being able to swap shoes with your best friend might seem like a disadvantage, but given a bit more thought, it is a better idea to keep your shoes to yourself. 
We hope you found this article helpful. Always keep in mind how wonderful it is to be unique!

Lots of Love,
Your Miyana Team

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