How To Walk Better In High Heels

High heels have been the feminine go-to shoes for ages, but they can prove to be quite tricky to walk in. The key to mastering walking like a model in high heels lies in constant practice. It is important to remember that even world-famous supermodels began slowly by wearing low heels and then working their way up. Many women struggle with walking in stilettos or other sky-high heels, usually because these shoes can prove to be quite uncomfortable and are difficult to master. These few tips can help get you on the right track.

Practice Walking In Heels At Home

As mentioned before, determined and everyday practice is a must. Start by walking through your house in some low or medium-sized heels. Remember to take smaller steps to keep your balance. Don't bend the knees more than you need to, and keep in mind to take slow steps until you feel comfortable enough to walk as you normally would. Walking in front of a mirror can help track your progress and see what you need to improve. Avoid walking up and down the stairs if you don't feel secure in your high heels. If you feel uncomfortable, ask someone to stay by your side to help you.

Choose Comfortable and Fitting Shoes

Being comfortable in your heels is the most important thing. No matter how good your technique might be, uncomfortable and ill-fitting high heels are bound to give you health issues and definitely not a flattering walk. Choosing the right shape for your feet is crucial, especially for women with larger sized feet. If you are unsure which shape to choose, check out our article on "how to find feminine shoes despite your larger shoe size" here. Furthermore, choosing the right shoe size is essential to be comfortable in any footwear, especially shoes such as high heels. Larger-sized shoes don't have to be masculine by default. Spending some time and taking a few extra steps to find a perfect pair of plus-size high heels is better than waking up every day with the thought that your tight shoes will give you nightmares and it will definitely not help you being motivated to practice your walk.

Add Shoe Insoles

Whenever there is a lot of pressure on your feet, especially on your ball of the foot, make sure to add a suitable foot insole to maximize the comfort and relieve the pain. Insoles help soften the impact that heels have on your feet and reduce the pressure on your toes, making walking in high heels much more manageable. You can find gel insoles at every drug store or while you are at it, ask an orthopedic to help you choose the right insole for your feet and make your long walks feel much more enjoyable.

Keep Good Posture

Wearing high heels or stilettos shift your body's gravity center, making you prone to health issues, like back or knee pain. For keeping good posture, it is crucial for your shoes to be as comfortable as possible, therefore not causing you any pain. Make sure to keep your shoulders back, your head raised high, and your chin in a horizontal position. Bending your knees just a little can also be of great help to keep you steady on your feet. However, do not bend your knees too much as it won’t look very naturally. Practice walking in high heels as you would typically do in flat shoes, meaning that your heel touches the ground first and then your toes. The higher the heel is, the more challenging walking naturally can be, so practice is essential.
We hope that you found this article helpful! Don't rush the process of learning to walk in high heels. Remember, practice makes perfection!
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