How To Walk Better In High Heels

High heels have always been the go-to shoes to express femininity. Unfortunately, however, they can prove to be quite difficult to walk in. The key to mastering model-like walking in high heels is constant practice. It's important to remember that even world-famous supermodels have slowly started out in low heels and then worked their way up. Many women have difficulty walking in stilettos or other high heels. These few tips can help you master walking on high heels.


As mentioned earlier, practice is a must. And that can be done easily from home. Start by walking around your house or apartment in low or medium heels. At first, small steps are good for keeping your balance. It is important not to bend your knees more than necessary and to take slow steps until you are comfortable enough to walk as usual. A mirror can help adjust your walk.


The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your high heels. No matter how good your running technique may be, uncomfortable and ill-fitting high heels cause health problems and definitely do not flatter the walk. Choosing the right shape for your feet is especially important for women with larger feet. If you are not sure which shape to choose, read our article on "How to find feminine shoes despite your larger shoe size" here. In addition, choosing the right shoe size is important in order to feel comfortable in any footwear, but especially in shoes such as high heels. Better to take the time to find the perfect pair of plus size high heels than to wake up every day to the thought that your tight shoes are giving you nightmares. In addition, unfitting shoes definitely don't help motivate yourself to practice walking.


If there is a lot of pressure on the feet, especially the balls of the feet, an appropriate sole will help to maximize comfort and relieve potential pain. Insoles soften the impact of high heels on your feet and reduce the pressure on your toes, making walking much easier. You can find gel insoles in any drugstore or have them made to measure.


Wearing high heels or stilettos shifts the center of gravity of the body and tends to make you more prone to health problems such as back pain or knee pain. In order to maintain good posture, it is important that your shoes are as comfortable as possible and do not cause pain. Make sure you pull your shoulders back, lift your head, and keep your chin in a horizontal position. Practice walking in high heels as you normally do in flat shoes, so that the heel touches the ground first and then the toes.

We hope you found this article helpful! Take your time to walk in high heels and remember: Practice makes perfect!

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