How To Style Ankle Boots - Fall Edition

There aren't many pieces that can be styled as versatile as ankle boots and boots. They can be worn all year round, depending on how you combine them with other garments to suit your mood and weather. Ankle boots are suitable for formal occasions and also for more casual looks. So, it is always a good (& safe) idea to invest in a good pair of ankle boots when trying to build a timeless, high quality wardrobe.

Styling: ankle boots & streetstyle

Women often prefer to style their ankle boots in combination with jeans. In this case, ankle boots in darker colors are a perfect basis for the look. To keep warm in the colder winter months, choose a sweater top and a coat/jacket. If you like your ankle boots to appear smaller, choose a pair with heels and rounded or squared toes. The right cut can visually shorten the length of the shoe and make your feet appear slimmer. Or go straight to our Sienna model, here the fit is already optimally aimed at a larger foot!
Kendall Jenner Streetstyle Ankle boots
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Styling: ankle boots & more elegant occasions 

As I said before, ankle boots are a versatile shoe that is perfect for a more elegant look. Heeled ankle boots are the perfect choice for this type of outfit. Combine a pair of heeled ankle boots with a skirt or dress and a pullover for a chic autumn look. Knitwear will never go out of style and longer skirts are a perfect solution to look fashionable and still keep you warm! If this look is still too simple for you, spice it up as you wish - for example with matching accessories.
Ankle boots more elegant
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Styling: ankle boots & business outfits

Straight trousers paired with ankle boots make the perfect business outfit. Add a chic blouse in combination with a simple blazer and/or a beautiful jacket- zack, the look is ready! Another tip: flared trousers that slightly cover the toe make the foot appear smaller. If you decide on a pair of high-heeled ankle boots and put them on with flared trousers, you will appear taller, slimmer and your feet more delicate.
Ankle boots for business
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One last piece of advice: When buying ankle boots, pay attention to the shape of the toes and heel height. Almond, round, and squared toe shapes are the most comfortable options for a larger foot. Don't be afraid to choose a heel height that you really like, even if you are tall. Heels make long legs look even more breathtaking. So never be afraid to celebrate your height and use it to your advantage! As always, buy shoes that are really comfortable. It is better to invest in a good pair than to constantly have to exchange them. This is more sustainable and saves time and nerves! 
We hope you enjoyed this article. We wish you a cozy start into the cold season and have fun creating beautiful winter looks!
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