Feminine And Elegant: Style Ideas For Larger Shoe Sizes

Hardly any other industry is as trend oriented as the fashion industry. Even if the sustainability factor becomes more relevant from season to season, new trends still emerge regularly. Of course, also in the footwear industry! There are new in-styles every year, others celebrate a comeback or become out of fashion. However, you don't always have to chase the latest trends, when it comes to shoes. You can also simply rediscover them in combination with different items of clothing. Here are our instructions for you, which fashionable styles can be created particularly well with a larger shoe size - an elegant and feminine look guaranteed! 

For a feminine silhouette: long skirts! 

Long and flowing skirts are not only a beautiful eye-catcher, they can also bring shoe size and leg length into a visually stunning proportion. Regardless of the body type, midi and maxi skirts can create a particularly feminine look. Long skirts go very well with heels. They make your walk more feminine, create an eye-catching look and make your legs longer.

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Legs as eye-catchers: mini dresses! 

Mini dresses focus on your great legs. Not everyone, however, feels comfortable showing so much leg. As always, beauty comes through self-confidence and the top priority is to create outfits in which you feel comfortable. Trend or not! However, if you feel good in short dresses, flats can be a great addition to avoid looking overdressed.
 Kendall Jenner Mini Dress
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Back in trend: flared trousers! 

It peaked in the 60s and 70s, after which nobody really expected this trend to come back again. But: We made a mistake - it keeps coming back: the flared trousers. She has the superpower to be very cozy and at the same time create an elegant look. It flatters women of all heights, small or tall. Particularly relevant for us: flared trousers like to take on any shoe shape. Pumps, sandals or boots complement the look beautifully.
 Graham in flared trousers
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As always, the top priority with this style guide is: As long as you feel comfortable in your wardrobe and the possible looks it offers, you automatically exude self-confidence and sense of style.
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