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A wedding is one of the truly phenomenally unique days in life. Regardless of whether you or someone else marries - at weddings there are always high demands that everything is really perfect. Bridesmaids play a major role alongside the couple, as they are often involved to a large extent in the organization and are therefore also the focus of attention. Hence: a perfect bridesmaid outfit is essential!
The key to choosing a perfect bridesmaid outfit is finding a design that is classic, yet unique. The golden rule is of course to coordinate the choice of color with the bride! 
Apart from the actual outfit, matching shoes (as always ;-)) are a great way to give the look that certain something. We all know how much and how long people dance at weddings. So, there is hardly an event where it is more important to wear comfortable and, above all, fitting shoes. No problem, because we have large size bridesmaids’ shoes in store that will make everyone a star on the dance floor.
To inspire you a little, we have styled our favorites in a bridesmaid look - see for yourself!

Beautiful in flowers

Flowers have always embodied femininity and grace. They are the absolute eye-catcher for fine festivities and especially popular among bridesmaids at summer weddings. For an extra feminine touch, ideally choose a dress with a flattering waist. If the dress itself is very eye-catching, you can balance the look with elegant, simple pumps. 
Lilou Pumps for Bridesmaids in larger sizes

Summer feelings

For a summery look that works particularly well in the south, a flowing dress that impresses with lace, ruffles or other embellishments is suitable. By the way, contrary to the original idea, a long-sleeved dress can be a great remedy in warm temperatures. Because of the fluttering sleeves, long-sleeved summer dresses are often less tight than short-sleeved ones. So put on your favorite high heels and let the party begin! 
Kaia Sandals for Bridesmaids in larger sizes

Elegant and tasteful

Fashionable suits are also a popular bridesmaid look - not least because they stand out from a classic bride in a dress. For the perfect suit-outfit, open-toe shoes should ideally be chosen - otherwise the combination can quickly look too business-like. We recommend: Elegant, flat shoes that add lightness to the look.
 Imani Sandals for Bridesmaids in larger sizes
Of course, as we always say - beautiful is someone who feels comfortable and confident - and the same applies to the role of a bridesmaid. So primarily choose your outfit according to this criterion and then choose shoes that match it.
Lot's of love,
your Miyana Team

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