7 Power Women With Larger Shoe Sizes

For many years, female ideals have been forced upon us through various channels, portraying slim women with certain dress sizes as ideal and, conversely, rejecting anyone who does not meet these standards. For a long time, large sizes were associated with masculinity and there was always a cliché that women who were too tall could neither dress nor feel elegantly or feminine. The result: women all over the world still do not feel comfortable in their own skin. The same applies of course to women who are too small or too thin - ideals of beauty are to be rejected as a matter of principle. Of course, we are primarily interested in the shoe size of women and we can tell you: Many women have big feet. And that's perfectly right so! Following, we listed well-known power women, who often had to listen to criticism for their appearance but did not bow down to the pressure. And why would they? Everybody is beautiful!

Cindy Crawford - shoe size 40/41

In the early 1980s, Cindy Crawford was America's best-known model and gained worldwide fame as one of the first so-called "supermodels". She was famous for her fitness videos and countless runway jobs. Regardless of whether she wears skinny jeans & leather jackets or nice dresses & heels, Cindy still stands for modern elegance - in every shoe size.
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Angelina Jolie - shoe size 41

Everyone has probably heard of her before: Angelina Jolie. The American is one of the most famous actresses in the world. She is famous for her seductive looks, exceptional social commitment and excellent taste in fashion. Despite her average height of 1.69 m, Angelina is a size 41 and likes to wear chic pumps when appearing on the red carpet.
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Audrey Hepburn - shoe size 41

The actress Audrey Hepburn became world famous through her leading role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and is still considered a great fashion icon. Her success list is long - she is one of the few actresses to have won an Emmy, Tony, Grammy and Oscar awards. Despite her flawless appearance, it was her self-love and confidence that made her a unique beauty. What hardly anyone thinks because of her very petite figure: Hepburn wore size 41 shoes.
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Kate Winslet - shoe size 42

Kate Winslet is a British actress who has enjoyed great fame at least since her leading role in Titanic. By the way, her style is characterized by a great preference for black. She also prefers to combine pumps and ballerinas - always in her shoe size 42.
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Tyra Banks - shoe size 42

Like Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks also belongs to the former squad of absolute supermodels. Among other things, she was the first black woman to land on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. After her modeling career, she also managed to create a multimedia brand of herself. To this day, Tyra is at home on the red carpets and big events of the celebrity world. She likes to spice up her everyday outfits with open platform heels, which makes her already long and beautiful legs look even more stunning. Sometimes she even wears larger shoes than her 42 shoe size - for reasons of comfort.
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Elle MacPherson - shoe size 43

Elle MacPherson is an Australian model who also has a great Sport Illustrated record: she was featured on the famous cover five times! Although Elle is already relatively tall at 1.83 m, she loves to wear high heels to almost every occasion. Her size? 43!
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Missy Franklin - shoe size 43

We close our article in honor of great women with big feet with an athlete: The American Missy Franklin is a swimmer and won five medals at a single Olympics in London in 2012. Four of them were even gold! Missy loves wedges and pumps, her shoe size 43 doesn't get in the way.
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We hope you enjoyed the article and that maybe some readers with or without bigger feet distant themselves from the idea that big feet are unaesthetic or even an obstacle. Anyway, we think: It's all a question of the right shoe ;-)
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