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Very few can withstand them, as pumps are so incredibly suitable for every occasion – especially in larger sizes by the way. Whether it's a girls' evening, dinner party or meeting marathon, pumps give every outfit elegance and every appearance that certain something. You don't always need the big stage for this - sometimes they give us that certain feeling when we put them on alone at home and dance through the apartment with a glass of wine. Mid-high pumps may seem too well-behaved at first glance, but that's exactly what is back in fashion. All-rounders made of patent leather with a squared toe are currently experiencing an absolute hype - and our model Lilou is right in the middle of it. Trendsetters combine pumps with dresses and skirts, as well as with jeans or fabric pants that have a fringed hem, for example, and thus offer the perfect transition to a stylish shoe. While Lilou is the perfect pump for everyday wear, our new model Liv loves the grand appearance. An accessory that gives us that certain extra on dates and an elegant eye-catcher when we turn night into day with our girlfriends.

At Miyana, we rely on timeless designs and high-quality materials to offer shoes that will be companions for years. It is our aim to make the production and supply chain completely transparent. All shoes are made exclusively by our producer in Marche, Italy. Marche is known for its fine and luxurious shoe manufacturers and for the dedication to artisanal shoemaking for over a century. Our shoemakers do their job with the greatest care, which leads to high quality results.