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What do our well-known summer darling Imani and our offspring model Lola, Fleur & Elaine have in common? They belong to the Flats category! Large sized flat shoes, that are super comfortable and also trendy? What sounds like a dream has come true thanks to the arrival of flats in the fashion world. They give us freedom of movement, allow us to be on the move quickly and are still elegant, so that nothing stands in the way of a girls' evening after a stroll through town. Seldom has a shoe been so trendy and so good on the feet at the same time. Our large size open flats make bare feet elegant and are ideally combined with beautiful nail polish. In addition to their color and upper shape, the shoes differ primarily in their material: both velvet and leather flats have an absolutely high style factor in summer! For flat fans of the closed type,  loafers are an absolute must-have this season. To this day, fashion houses reinterpret the classic every season and inspire fashion fans all over the world who love loafers for their versatility. They can be combined with jeans, chinos, dresses or skirts. Loafers are suitable for chic occasions, but combined with a basic outfit they are also perfect for everyday wear.

 At Miyana, we rely on timeless designs and high-quality materials to offer shoes that will be companions for years. It is our aim to make the production and supply chain completely transparent. All shoes are made exclusively by our producer in Marche, Italy. Marche is known for its fine and luxurious shoe manufacturers and for the dedication to artisanal shoemaking for over a century. Our shoemakers do their job with the greatest care, which leads to high quality results.